Webcast: The New Rules of IT Support and Service Management

What are the new “rules” in IT support and service management? Kinetic Data recently spoke with Eveline Oehrlich, VP and research director at Forrester Research, to discover her organization’s findings and predictions on that topic.

Happy employees make for happy customersIn the webcast Rewriting the Rules on Service Support & Management: Happy Employees = Happy Customers, Eveline discusses:

  • the two top priorities for business leaders over the next 12 months;
  • the importance of making happy employees to having happy customers;
  • the link between employee happiness and sustained financial performance;
  • how to use service and support to optimize employee productivity, and enable top performance for knowledge workers;
  • the three Es of customer experience, and how these connect to workplace technology and support;
  • what “flow” is, how it impacts productivity levels, and how support and application performance can keep employees in the “flow zone”;
  • why employees often avoid calling the help desk to resolve IT issues;
  • how enterprises can most effectively transition from “please go away” support to proactive workforce enablement;
  • how the service catalog and IT service desk will evolve;
  • how customer touch-points can be reworked to optimize productivity and speed of resolution;
  • the three key areas of excellence in workforce enablement;
  • and more.

Visit KineticData.com to watch the complete webcast on your schedule.

2 thoughts on “Webcast: The New Rules of IT Support and Service Management”

  1. Interesting read and video about the new ways to deal with IT support. I myself run an IT support in nyc, and that basics at times need to be repeated, especially for those seeking IT services and business trying to incorporate IT services.

    1. Thanks George, glad you found the webcast informative! “Workforce enablement” is indeed an interesting way to view support – it’s all about keeping employees productive and in the flow.

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