The Kinetic Data Secret Sauce (Video)

Theodore Roosevelt said that “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Great ideas (or great software) are only great to the extent they are devised to help others solve real problems.

In conversations with Kinetic Data customers, an observation expressed frequently is that the company’s employees are not only technically adroit, but also seem to truly care about making customers’ lives better—whether it’s as simple as resolving a minor functional issue or as complex as enabling users to create capabilities their companies have never had before.

What’s behind this approach? In this video, co-founder and president John Sundberg talks about how to assemble a great team, collaboratively develop ideas, and anticipate customer needs. He also discusses what’s behind the enterprise request management approach to business service delivery, and the inspiring results of customers building upon Kinetic Data software and sharing their accomplishments at the annual KEG event.

John is also known for his colorful expressions, such as “It’s like comparing apples to space travel.” Hear this and other “John-isms” decoded in these short video outtakes.

Learn more about Kinetic Data here.

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