Upcoming Webinar: The Enterprise Request Management Approach to Reducing the Cost of Service Delivery

In survey after survey conducted by leading business publications and analyst firms, executives consistently rank “making business processes more efficient” and “improving the customer experience” among their top priorities. Yet organizations continue to struggle with inefficiencies and customer satisfaction issues.

Business process automation (BPA) software can help–but it’s only a tool. If processes themselves aren’t engineered to optimize the customer experience, the result is simply that broken processes get completed more quickly. Enterprise Request Management (ERM) is a strategy geared towards improving service, while reducing the cost of delivery in an scalable and risk-managed approach.

What’s needed is a different approach to managing service requests and delivery, an approach that:

  • makes it easy for customers (whether internal or external) to request services of any type from a single, intuitive interface (with the simple elegance of websites like Amazon.com);
  • enables business managers to define and continually refine their own automated processes and task workflows, with minimal assistance from IT;
  • leverages investments in existing enterprise software systems and federated data sources–while hiding the complexity from users; and
  • automates approvals, scheduling, costing, and reporting to support continuous process improvement.

You can learn more about the ERM approach in the upcoming webinar on May 22nd at 2:00 EDT. If delighting customers while decreasing service delivery costs sounds appealing, register for this webinar today!