Looking Back: The Top 20 at 200

As the Kinetic Vision blog approaches another significant milestone, its 200th post, here’s a look back at the top 20 most-read posts since the blog’s launch in March of 2011.

Not surprisingly, the phrases that occur most frequently in the posts below indicate readers are most interested in industry research about request management (that’s what we do), its applications (service catalogs, employee onboarding, BYOD) and its benefits (cost savings, process automation, risk management).

Request management blog posts: - top 20 at 200It’s also not surprising many of these are “evergreen” posts; these are articles with a long “shelf life” that continue to draw significant numbers of views month after month. The most-read post so far in 2015 (How IT Will Change by 2020 – Research From HDI) narrowly missed the list below, coming in at #23 all-time.

Here then are the top 20:

#20 Virtual War Rooms: Collaborating to Solve Big Problems Fast

October 2014

Crisis situations and critical systems downtime cost money. Implementing a virtual war room tool enables organizations to resolve complex problems more quickly.

#19 Four Ways CIOs Can Embrace Consumerization 2.0 and Help the Business

September 2014

Consumerization is driving business change, but IT remains vital. Here are four best practices CIOs can use to partner, avoid shadow IT, and protect vital data.

#18 Service Provider Innovation – Three Easy Pieces

August 2011

What can a service provider do to ensure a constant stream of innovations that can be delivered to their clients? These three related pieces address this.

#17 Systems of Engagement: How to Get Revolutionary Business Results from an Evolutionary IT Approach

February 2014

Just because an organization relies on legacy software doesn’t mean it can’t use modern mobile interfaces. Here’s a better approach than rip-and-replace.

#16 The ABCs of Request Management

April 2012

What is request management? Why is it important? What does it do? Find the answers to these questions and more here.

#15 Generating Returns from IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

October 2011

How does IT keep up with the demands of increased operational efficiency and governance, risk management and compliance mandates at the same time?

#14 How Forrester’s Smart Process Apps Fit with Enterprise Request Management

May 2013

Forrester Research predicts Smart Process Apps will simplify business process workflows in the future. Here’s how to realize many of the benefits today.

#13 Agile Service Request Management

July 2012

Given that agile approaches have proven to improve productivity and quality, now may be the time to examine the agility of your service request management.

#12 Nine More Compelling BYOD Trends and Statistics for Business (Infographic)

March 2014

Nine vital BYOD statistics, facts, metrics and trends, plus three ways to capitalize on the service cost savings of BYOD while minimizing the associated risks.

#11 How to Calculate the Cost Savings from Automated Self-Service (Video)

July 2013

Automated request management self-service accelerates the delivery process, improves accuracy, and reduces costs. Here’s how to calculate the potential return.

#10 The Architecture of Enterprise Service Catalogs: Forrester Research, Part 3

September 2013

This post defines the system architecture of a business service catalog based on an organization’s current request management maturity level.

#9 Eliciting Requirements for a Successful IT Project

July 2011

In order to elicit, we must go further to reach a common understanding with the customer that sets the expectations in a documented way.

#8 Four Ways to Optimize the New Employee Onboarding Process

January 2014

Here’s how to develop an organized onboarding process makes life better for both the organization and the new employee, at what’s often a very stressful time.

#7 Four Ways to Make Business Processes Better, Cheaper AND Faster

August 2013

Today’s customers expect it all. But how can businesses provide outcomes that are better, faster and cheaper all at once? Here are four key approaches.

#6 The Evolution of the Service Catalog – Here’s What Comes Next: Forrester Research, Part 1

August 2013

As a caterpillar turns into a butterfly through metamorphosis, so the IT service catalog is being transformed. It will emerge as a higher-level entity.

#5 What is this ‘Level 0’ thing?

May 2012

What exactly is “Shift to the Left” or “Level 0,” and is it the future of IT Help Desk Support and Service Delivery?

#4 Five Key BYOD Trends and Statistics You Need to Know

March 2014

Fresh research shows while organizations are maturing in their approaches to BYOD, both the level of preparedness and nature of adaptation varies considerably.

#3 Three Keys to Making Multi-tenancy Work

March 2012

Not all multi-tenant applications are alike. Their cost and value are heavily dependent on these three architectural and design considerations.

#2 Automating Employee Onboarding and Provisioning Processes with Request Management

June 2012

Employee onboarding and provisioning activities that are coordinated and orchestrated with a Request Management application are improved in a number of ways.

And the number one, most-read post on the Kinetic Vision blog to date is…

#1 10 Key Benefits of a Business Service Catalog: Forrester Research, Part 2

August 2013

Service catalogs reduce the time and cost of delivering technical services while improving the user experience. But the benefits needn’t be limited to IT.

Hopefully this collection proved enlightening! Check out these IT service management white papers to learn more about several of the topics above.

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