Kinetic Enthusiasts Group 2016

KEG16 was a major success – our sessions covered a ton of where the product has gone and where it is going to, along with a ton of customer stories and learning. KEG2016-Sticker

We don’t develop software to spec, we develop quality software. Specs can have flaws. -MatteR

The event started with John Sundberg making several big announcements including an end to terrible licensing! We like things to be simple and have high value pricing for our customers, so we’re extending that to our licensing model.  John also announced a new license for non-profit organizations that qualify to use our software for free, and our employees are now encouraged to donate up to 40 hours annually to the non-profit of their choice. We hope your other software partners take notice and keep pace with these innovative and disruptive decisions.

Next John announced our newest version of Kinect Request, a beautiful front end for complex back-ends. This version is platform agnostic, built from the ground up and leverages API-first design to ensure a flexible platform.

John ended by sharing multiple stories from the year, our customers, what solutions they are finding and other market analysis.

Great teams can get over any hurdle – bad teams create hurdles. -John Sundberg

KEG continued with Kelly Heikkila making another big announcement, we are starting a hackathon! With the winner taking home $3,000 and other prizes being $1,000 and $1,000, we are sure to attract an audience. These hackathons will focus on a predefined business solution and will leverage automation to drive provisioning trials of Kinetic Request and Task to facilitate these new hackathons. If you’re interested, subscribe here! Kelly then went on to divulge the virtues of our latest platform, with specific focus on the API-first design, how it’s architected to make upgrades relatively painless and other key decisions along with a glimpse of what to expect in the future. It left the audience stunned and looking for a download link (it’s coming).

As the first day wrapped up we heard lightning talks from our teams, developers, marketing, etc…  and we had two full-featured presentations from customers. One building over 200 integrations into the platform and the other creating a responsive app store for their employees to order software, infrastructure etc.  On the first night we hosted a geek-out meeting with happy hour and time for people to sit down and talk through their projects and problems.

KEG 2016 echoed our company values to:

  1. help make our customers look great
  2. make great software

For more information, questions, or discounts to attend next year simply email

Hope to see you next year!


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