Kinetic Data’s First Kinetic Enthusiasts Group Customer Conference Was a Gynormous Success!

By Nancy Nafziger

Thank you to all who attended Kinetic Data’s first KEG customer conference and user group! The event was a gynormous success! We were excited to have so many attendees—including clients, prospects, keynote speaker, and partners.

Our keynote speaker, Jeff Kaplan, THINKStrategies was inspirational, motivational, and even entertaining! He provided valuable insight regarding the market forces that are driving the rapid adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud-based solutions, and the business benefits that companies are deriving from these rapidly evolving capabilities. In addition, he emphasized how the cloud and special purpose applications are spreading corporate data to the four corners of the enterprise, whether we like it or not.

The many technical and management track sessions provided an array of new product capabilities to get at this enterprise data and automate the actions—from Kinetic Bundles, KURL, Kinetic Bridging to Task Handlers. The conference also included customer and partner success stories. A special thanks to Rapid Technologies, My eService, and Mobile Reach for your sponsorship.

You can view KEG technical presentations and the management presentations by going to Kinetic Community. Recordings of the technical presentations will be posted soon!

The Kinetic Data Team

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