Kinetic Data Support Team

Any good relationship starts with introductions, so let’s get started. Here’s DSCF6621a bit of information on the four of us that handle support. Next time you contact support, hopefully you can have a better personal connection with the person helping you.

Name: Derick Larson

Years at Kinetic Data: 13 (worked for Insurance and Retail before KD)

Favorite Part of Support: Seeing the crazy things customers do with our products. A Time Tracking application using Kinetic Request is my favorite. Second place has to be taking inventory using hand scanners and Kinetic “Survey” templates.

Besides Support: I teach training courses, contribute to our documentation (, and bake the world’s best chocolate chip cookies.

Outside of Work: I play trombone in a Community College orchestra and obsess about everything Star Wars.


Name:  Jarrod Augustson

Years at Kinetic Data:  11

What you like best about support:  The best part about support is being able to help people solve problems, answer questions, and help develop solutions.  It is also “Fun” to help remove the stress from a customer.  Most of the time when a customer calls support they are stressed out.  Therefore I try to make the call lighthearted and fun all while helping with the issue.  Doing this not only helps the customer but has also allowed me to build great relationships too.

Other things you do at Kinetic Data:  Surprisingly I have been known to be a proofreader.  Therefore if you find any typos or grammar mistakes…Yeah, I must not have been asked to read it.  🙂  One other fun thing that I have been doing at Kinetic Data is running our Fantasy Football league.  Sadly I have never won the title but I do get to hand out the Championship Belt.  <–Not sure if I should insert a Wooooooooooo here or not

Something not work related:  I have been playing softball with the same group of guys for the last 15 years and I am excited for the new season to begin.  I can also answer a few trivia questions and if need be I can retell Simpsons episodes off the top of my head.  Perhaps even while giving a KEG presentation.


Name: Chris Woyton

Time at KD: 6 years

Favorite part of support: Building relationships/friendships with our customers and just trying to keep up with the cool things they do! Every day at work presents some new puzzle or creative challenge and I thrive on that sort of thing. Also working with my teammates. Every day is like hanging out with 3 of my best friends.

Besides support: I also do training on occasion, documentation, and help administer our Community site.

Outside of work: I live in New Orleans and stay fairly involved in the community here, as well as play guitar in a  Funk band <shameless_plug>called The One Percent</shameless_plug>


Name: Brent Hanson

Time at KD:  12 years

Favorite part of support:  Figuring out complex problems.  Some of the situations customers face are like big puzzles and I enjoy solving puzzles.

Beside support:  I handle a lot of the internal IT for the company.  Everything from servers to desktops, email, domain management and our Amazon AWS environment.

Outside of work:  I play and ref hockey, backpack Minnesota’s North Shore, mountain bike all around the state and race sailboats on Lake Superior.


Hopefully now you can feel a little more at home with your Support folks next time you contact us with an issue or a question.

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