How to Drop Notes without Missing a Beat

Lotus Notes is a venerable product with more than two decades of development behind it. But for many of our current and prospective customers, the product has run its course.

Several large enterprises, with dozens of Domino servers, hundreds of Notes databases, and thousands of Notes applications between them have directives in place to move off of Lotus Notes, but are looking for alternatives to spending thousands of person-hours on large porting projects.

Lotus Notes migrationFor many companies seeking to move away from Notes, Kinetic Request is a promising alternative. Though Request doesn’t duplicate all of the functionality of Notes, it can be used to rebuild business applications—often in much less time than with alternative approaches. For example, as noted in a previous post here last summer (Lotus Notes Apps Find a New Home in Kinetic Request), one large financial services company moving off of Notes rebuilt two critical business applications in less than 400 hours using Kinetic Request, versus the 2,000 hours it had estimated for custom development.

Compared to Lotus Notes, Kinetic Request is:

  • Built for the web;
  • Built to incorporate federated data (data from virtually any enterprise data source); and
  • Built with APIs in mind.

What’s more, Kinetic Request coupled with Kinetic Task provide the front-end and the backbone for an enterprise request management (ERM) strategy, in which virtually any type of service request (whether from human resources, IT, facilities, marketing, accounting or another function) can be entered in a consistent, user-friendly web portal with all subsequent approval, scheduling, and fulfillment tasks fully automated and tracked.

Many organizations using Notes may be comfortable staying with the platform indefinitely. But for those committed to making a move, Kinetic Request may provide a rapid and cost-effective method for rebuilding key business applications.

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