Release Roundup 2017 Q3

Product Updates

Product development has been going full tilt for quite some time now. As a result – we have made some changes to product management – to better meet customer needs (blah blah blah) — you have heard that before.

But it’s true!

We have made internal process changes and we have released more updates, integrations, and use cases in the last 6 months – than in the previous 2 years.

And – we have a lot more coming.

If you want to be a part of this, join our Customer Engagement Group and get involved!

The big driver in our acceleration is a system we call kinops. You can check it out at … it is our Kinetic platform – pre-installed, hosted on Amazon and ready to use. Our goal is to allow companies of 100-1,000 people to quickly get up and running and benefiting from our Kinetic platform. (Get your own free kinops space here.)

One thing learned from kinops is that when systems get massive – logging gets harder. We think we fixed that with our log system changes. Go read the post here.

Oh yeah – and we have updated a number of integrations:

  • Chef
  • Salesforce
  • Puppet
  • ServiceNow
  • ElasticSearch
  • SOLR
  • GitLab
  • AmazonS3

As always, you can find all of those on


  • We have released another front-end bundle to give another choice on how companies choose to manage and optimize their web rendering. This one uses the Facebook React system to give greater performance and flexibility in generating front-ends for the Kinetic platform.
  • We’ve developed a training course on Community.

Next quarter we will be releasing:

  • Datastore
    • Optimized for size and speed, the ability to manage massive (millions, 10s of millions 100s of millions (or way more) assets, people, or whatever you need. More to come on our blog make sure you subscribe in the right-hand margin -> 
  • Queue
    • Optimized for rapid working of assigned tasks. Queue gives the ability for teams to rip through big lists of tasks efficiently, effectively with an eye for automation. More to come.
  • Response aka Discussions
    • People want real-time chat (and more). When we first announced Kinetic Response (the ability for teams to work on crisis issues together), the response was overwhelming. Sadly – we had to back-burner it due to Kinetic Request getting the majority of our attention. Well; Response is back and better than ever imagined. We are rolling it into Request and making it a fundamental piece of our Kinetic platform. More to come.

Lots of great things are happening and it will be easier to share that with you as a result of our product development changes.

Click here if you’d like to join our Customer Engagement Group. A small group of people we talk to regularly to keep building cutting edge products.

Release Roundup Q2

Release Roundup Q2 – 2017

We’re proud to announce that we released Kinetic Request CE 2.0 and Kinetic Task 4.2 all while supporting major go-live activities and the maintenance and support of kinops.

New Features in Kinetic Request CE 2.0

  • Teams enable better management permissions and groups
  • Submission handles help quickly identify submissions
  • Submission activities simplify the visibility of tasks, approvals and other activities associated to a submission
  • Submission support facilitates a secure summary of submissions and their related activities

New Features in Kinetic Task 4.2

  • Ability to be used and secured based upon Kinetic Request CE users and teams, without duplicating user information

And as always, these changes come with a myriad of performance enhancements and bug fixes. For a complete listing – check out our community site:

Got questions? Suggestions? We’re always listening – especially and – drop us a line!

Release Roundup

Release Roundup

We’ve got a lot of software. It’s what we do. If you haven’t been trackingpexels-photo-89845 every single detail, here’s an update for each title.  Got questions? Suggestions? We’re always listening – especially and – drop us a line!

Task 4.1

  • Navigation – easily navigate between runs and routines
  • Tree recovery – for those times when your tree gets out of hand
  • Run Again – making testing routines and trees simpler

Request Core Edition 1.1 (current)

User profile attributes, request-based variable bindings, and improved support for client side bundles.

Request Remedy Edition 5.2.7 (current)

No updates

Releasing CE 2.0 soon (no date set)

  • Stability improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Teams (promoted to platform level)
  • Handler for friendly ID’s
  • Submission Activity to store the request’s activity in CE instead of Task
  • Bug fixes

For a complete listing of changes for each of our software titles, please visit