A New Way to View Any Enterprise Resource

Many organizations still use a mix of online and offline tools to schedule different types of resources such as people, meeting rooms and equipment. This mix makes it difficult and time-consuming to coordinate resources and avoid conflicts (like two groups needing the same room or same projector at the same time).

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource schedule calendar that could help you schedule almost any type of resource? One that could be used by any and every department within an enterprise? And that automatically flags scheduling conflicts? And what if could also let you not only view schedules, but search for resources (such as a technician in the organization certified for underground cabling)? And what if it also could be connected to different databases and applications, like BMC Remedy, so there was no need to store duplicate resource information in multiple systems?

Kinetic Schedule - Enterprise Resource SchedulingWell, now there is. Kinetic Data this week officially released Kinetic Schedule, an enterprise resource schedule calendar designed to address the challenges inherent in scheduling resources—everything from technicians to meeting rooms—in a vast enterprise setting. In addition to all of the above, this graphic web-based tool:

  • Allows schedulers to quickly view and manage resource scheduling, no matter what applications store the source data;
  • Provides immediate visibility to multiple data sets from multiple sources, in one view;
  • Enables creation of multiple calendars for specific needs and groups;
  • Combines data from multiple sources into a single calendar;
  • Customizes to incorporate company branding; and
  • Lowers costs by providing more efficient and faster customer service.

For all of the details, check out our press release about launching Kinetic Schedule at WWRUG here. Kinetic Schedule makes viewing and coordinating schedules for facilities, equipment (owned or rented), technical specialists—almost any enterprise resource—faster, easier and less painful.

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